The History of Slots

Slot machines have been around for over a century now and even if it’s quite an old game, many people play it because it actually helps them win. Whether you’re a constant gamer or not, is good to learn a bit about the history of the game.

It all goes back in 1887, were a brilliant inventor created the first ever-functional slot machine. It consists of three reels with iconic five symbols. The most famous symbol was the Liberty Feel, which gives the highest payout when combined. This is also the reason why the first slot machines were called Liberty Bell.

Liberty Bell was highly celebrated even though the government’s effort on banning gambling on certain states was elevated. There was a point that Fey couldn’t keep up with the demands from clients.

In 1891, manufacturers Sittman and Pitt from New York developed their very own copy of the slot machine. It has 5 reels with 50 symbols from the popular face of the card deck. This model has been known the precursor of modern slot machines.

It took a while for the next evolution of slot machine. It was 1976, that Money Honey came into existence. This slot machine invented by Bally manufacturing is the first electromechanical slot machine. It was able to relieve assistants on the machine for they are able to pay out on their own.

When video technology came into existence, slot machines also adapted. Video slot machines were popular in 1976. These machines are cheat proof thus a lot of casinos added them. Casinos in Las Vegas had the most of these video slots.

Still, technology has not stopped from enhancing the game. Online slot machines are gaining popularity and now anyone can play in their homes. It’s easier to win and there are many slot machine variations to choose from. Paylines are on average 9 to 50. Methods to win and combinations reach up to 243.

Casinos still have slot machines on their premise though, but they see the importance of having online slot machines as well. Now developers even improved the game that you have a much more quality gaming experience. Graphics are richer, bonuses are better, and even mini games are available based on the themes of the slot machine.

The slot machine is indeed making history and it will continue to.

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