General Slot Features

If you haven’t visited an online casino yet, you might be unaware of the new things around. Slot machines are worth the mention. It has evolved so much and it’s no longer a seemingly dull game you play. With many new features, you’ll certainly love the new online slot machines. Check some of the features below:

Wild Symbols are Wild
Yes, since online slot machines pretty much give you any symbols you like, there comes this wild symbol that may take a random or ever-changing form. You’d love this symbol because it has the ability to complete your combinations. To put it simply, it adapts to the symbols that you already have combined. Wild symbols are life savers.

Scatter Symbols for More Chances
You don’t need to have the straight combination paylines to win these days. With Scatter symbols, you have a chance to win by combining two or more of these symbols. Think of them as different symbols from the normal one. The usual shapes or forms for these are the cherries but they could be of any form these days.

Once you consider it, you actually get a high chance of winning when you play slot machines with lengthy paylines.

Free Spins for more Game Time
If you are a fan of free rounds, then you’ll be happy of free spins. Free spins usually use the coin you initially bet on, and if you win you get the same prize. Free spins are triggered in different ways depending on the slot machine. However, the usual rule is that it triggers from three or more scatter symbols. Sometimes the free spins are played on another slot. You wouldn’t notice but once you check the pay table for the details you’ll be astounded.

Bonus Game Owns Them All
The bonus games offer the highest winning. Be notified that it might be totally random. It might not even be a slot game at all! It could be throwing balls on goals, all depending on the theme and game maker.

Bonus games brought the game to a different level. Now people can anticipate some bizarre bonus games that might be based on themes. Isn’t that exciting?

Slot machines that offer bonus games will certainly increase your chances of winning. If you’re lucky you might get successive bonus games.

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